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Better immigration is possible

How does a country maximize benefits and minimize harm? These are the questions that any immigration policy must answer. First and foremost, we promote a civil forum to consider these questions. We are moderates, conservatives & liberals working together to empower voters to achieve a sensible immigration policy.

CEO's Corner

Inside Immigration Weekly Update – June 24, 2024

The Senate is out until next month. However, the House is considering adding an expansion of the H-2A (seasonal ag) and H-2B (seasonal non-ag) guest worker programs to the DHS appropriations for FY2025. Take Action and let Speaker Johnson and your Representatives know that you oppose H-2 expansions.
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James Massa

Chief Executive Officer

Congressional Testimony

“We decry hostility and discrimination towards immigrants as antithetical to the traditions and interests of the country. At the same time, we disagree with those who would label efforts to control immigration as being inherently anti-immigrant. Rather, it is both a right and a responsibility of a democratic society to manage immigration so that it serves the national interest.”

Rep. Barbara Jordan

Chair, U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform

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Your Immigration Policy Resource

Need information on immigration policy, the numbers, and the history? Trying to make sense of all the nonsense? Explore these pages for answers to your questions and steps you can take to make a difference.

The Most Important Action

The most important action any voter can take to achieve a sensible immigration policy is to contact their members of Congress. NumbersUSA makes it easy with our free selection of action opportunities. Get started and we’ll customize an Action Board for you.

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This is how we achieve sensible policy: together. NumbersUSA builds bridges, leverages the tools of democracy, and studies the diverse impacts of federal immigration policy.

Addressing Immigration Growth’s Impact on Environment

Federal immigration policy drives most U.S. population growth which affects every aspect of the country’s natural and human environment – including habitat loss, extinction, congestion, and other quality-of-life losses. NumbersUSA is the premier education and research organization on immigration’s role in population growth and its impacts.

The Sustainability Initiative
Taking It to the States

Immigration policy is set by Congress and implemented by the Executive Branch. Yet, the impact of immigration occurs in every state. States are granted authority to address immigration as long as it does not go against Federal law. The use of E-Verify and several other common immigration related issues are being debated and addressed at the state level. NumbersUSA is making your voice heard in your state.

The States Initiative

Immigration is about people and how they interact with and impact each other. NumbersUSA wants to work with all groups who are looking for sensible immigration policy to accomplish better immigration.

Working to Redress Historical Wrongs

Immigration has, at different points in history, been abused as a tool of economic injustice, particularly for multi-generational Black Americans. The longer the hiring line is, the greater the challenge for groups who have historically been at the back of the line. The Hiring Line initiative empowers voters to achieve an economically just immigration policy.

The Hiring Line Initiative
Expanding Relationships to Share Vision of Better Immigration

NumbersUSA, with over 8 million supporters, is the nation’s leader focused on achieving better immigration policy. Yet, reforming America’s immigration system so that it operates for the benefit of the American people necessitates many groups working together toward a Shared Vision of sensible immigration. Learn more about how the Alliances Initiative forges the way for such collaboration even among “strange bedfellows”.

The Alliances Initiative

Members of Congress

NumbersUSA provides addresses and phone numbers for both Capitol Hill and state offices.

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Immigration Grade Cards

How are your 3 Members of Congress aligned with better policy? NumbersUSA provides the country’s only comprehensive immigration grade cards. Our Report Cards are about as objective as you can get.

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