Apologists for Illegal Immigration Encourage Human Trafficking

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  by  Eric Ruark

Human trafficking continues because the U.S. government refuses to take adequate steps to combat illegal immigration. Amnesty will only encourage more of the same. Border security and interior enforcement -- not lip service to the "rule of law" -- are necessary to end this scourge.


Kamala Harris Promises Quicker, Continual Amnesties


Vice President-Elect, Kamala Harris recently outlined the immigration goals of the Biden Administration in an interview with Univision. The plan includes an eight-year "pathway to citizenship" for illegal aliens, even shorter pathway for TPS and Dreamers, more refugees, more temporary workers, and less protection for Americans and already present immigrants.


Tighter Immigration Controls Necessary to Tackle Housing Crisis Here and Abroad

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  by  Christy Shaw

The United Kingdom is facing many of the same immigration-related issues as the United States because policy makers have failed to plan sufficiently for immigration-driven population growth, while public support for reducing annual immigration levels remains strong. In order to accommodate housing demand, open space is being paved over for development.