Matthew Yglesias Makes the Case for A Billion Americans, and A Great Argument for Immigration Reduction

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  by  Eric Ruark

Celebrity Vox journalist Matthew Yglesias released his book One Billion Americans: The Case for Thinking Bigger today. While few expected meticulous research and cogent arguments from Yglesias on this topic, he outdoes himself here. His book may turn out to be the best case anyone on the left has made for immigration reduction in years.


Urge politicians to pledge opposition to any immigration action that harms Black economic progress

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  by  Roy Beck

Happy Labor Day to all who labor to provide for the nation, who wish they could labor, and whose labor is done.

Black American workers made their greatest advancement in closing the wage gap during a long period of low immigration. Let's urge politicians to do it again.


Rep. Andy Biggs Introduces Legislation to Make Illegal Alien Voter Fraud a Deportable Offense


Arizona’s Rep. Andy Biggs has introduced legislation that would increase criminal penalties for illegal aliens convicted of fraudulently voting in federal elections. The Voter Integrity Protection Act was introduced to the House of Representatives on Friday.


Riding The Nag

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  by  Andrew Good

A close reading of a recent story by The Associated Press reveals a an unsympathetic, underpaying horse trainer pitted against the interests of U.S. workers. But the AP resolved to force it into the tired narrative that any immigration limit harms us - even ones on programs that are bad for all but the most advantaged and unscrupulous.