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Map of State E-Verify laws.

The State & Local Initiative brings NumbersUSA’s desire to empower voters to achieve sensible immigration policies to the states. While the organization has historically focused on affecting federal immigration policies, the State & Local Initiative looks to build on some of the state-level successes from the last 15 years.

The State & Local Initiative has four primary areas of focus:

  1. Mandatory E-Verify for all employers, to prevent illegal hiring.
  2. Limiting in-state tuition benefits to citizens and legal permanent residents.
Map of in-state tuition laws
Map of state laws issuing driver's licenses to illegal aliens

3. Preventing illegal aliens from obtaining driver’s licenses.

4. Taxing remittances to home countries to discourage labor.

Expanding the use of E-Verify is our number one priority.

Launched in 2023, the State & Local Initiative worked to pass E-Verify requirements in three states: Florida, Texas, and West Virginia.

  • Florida – On May 10, 2023, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed into law SB 1718. The law requires, effective July 1, 2023, all employers in the state with 25 or more employees to use E-Verify.
  • West Virginia – On February 24, 2023, the West Virginia Senate passed SB 656, legislation that would require all employers to use E-Verify. The legislation passed through the House Committee on Government in early March, but the House session ended before receiving a vote before the whole House.
  • Texas – On May 3, 2023, the Senate Committee for Business and Commerce approved SB 1621 to require state and local government contractors to use E-Verify. The legislation did not receive a full vote in the Senate, but could be included in a special session called by Texas Governor Greg Abbott.