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Team Leaders

The team leading the effort

Supported by the NumbersUSA Board of Directors, the NumbersUSA Leadership Team listed below have dedicated themselves to this critical, full-time effort to empower voters to achieve a sensible immigration policy.

James brings a unique combination of executive experience with Fortune 50 high tech, a variety of commercial start ups, and global non-profit organizations, as well as expertise in public/private partnerships and policy. With all of his grandparents having immigrated and become naturalized citizens, and having lived in a border state and worked decades in DC, James provides the vision and capacity to galvanize the efforts of NumbersUSA to empower voters to achieve a sensible immigration policy.

James Massa

Chief Executive Officer

Team Leaders

Anne Manetas

Chief Operations Officer

Eddie Huey

Chief Information Officer

Andre Barnes

Director, HBCU Engagement

Jeremy Beck

Vice President, Initiatives

Andrew Good

Director, State Government Relations

Rob Harding

Sustainability Outreach Liaison

Christy Mullens-Shaw

Specialist to the CEO

Grant Newman

Director, Federal Government Relations

Christopher Pierce

Chief of Staff, State Government Relations

Jim Robb

Vice President, Alliances and Activism

Eric Ruark

Director of Research and Public Relations