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At its best, immigration policy is an engine of economic opportunity, regardless of one’s nationality, color, or creed. American history is full of rags-to-riches immigrant stories. Today’s immigration policy, however, is a reverse-Robin-Hood program that redistributes wealth from wage earners to the investment class.

Intentionally or not, current immigration policy privatizes profits and socializes costs. The economic rewards go to businesses. The economic burdens are borne by American workers and taxpayers. We can do better. The benefits of an immigration policy that prioritizes per capita prosperity over GDP include higher wages, longer productive lives, more intergenerational caregiving among families, shorter commutes, and more breathing room.

August 3, 1994

“The Commission is particularly concerned about the impact of immigration on the most disadvantaged within our already resident society – inner city youth, racial and ethnic minorities, and recent immigrants who have not yet adjusted to life in the U.S.”

Rep. Barbara Jordan

Chair, U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform

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