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NumbersUSA, with over 8 million supporters, is the nation’s leader focused on achieving better immigration policy. Yet, reforming America’s immigration system so that it operates for the benefit of the American people necessitates many groups working together toward a Shared Vision of sensible immigration. The Alliances Initiative forges the way for such collaboration even among “strange bedfellows”.

NumbersUSA works with many organizations. Some, like us, focus solely on improving U.S. immigration policy. Others work on many issues. Some are in high alignment with the goals of NumbersUSA and how we view better immigration can occur. Others, share only a portion of our vision, but are in high agreement on that portion or on a particular issue. Being able to work together on that for which we agree is the focus and art of an Alliance relationship; one in which what each organization can accomplish is synergistically greater than the sum of our individual efforts.

One important focus of NumbersUSA is working in a nonpartisan way. That means we work with all political parties. Since our founding in 1996, we have worked with Democrats, Republicans, and Independents in Congress. Our huge membership of grassroots activists is involved with every political party and with no particular party. For example, our basic policy prescriptions for how to reform and modernize immigration were taken from the immigration commission chaired by the late Rep. Barbara Jordan, a Democratic member of Congress and the first Black woman from a southern state ever elected to the House of Representatives.

Below, I encourage you to find an ever growing number of alliances all focused one one shared vision, achieving sensible immigration.

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“NumbersUSA and Braver Angels Shared vision is to Create civil forums especially at the elite and policy-maker levels to discuss the issues surrounding U.S. immigration policy

Like so many Americans, NumbersUSA is concerned about how polarized, personal and vitriolic politics has become in recent years. We recognize that if we’re going to pass substantive immigration reform, we need to find allies across the political spectrum. That means we must find common ground with Democrats as well as Republicans so America can stay united and strong.

To work toward constructive political dialogue, we recently joined the Braver Network as a charter member. The network is 246 organizations across the political divide that are aligned with Braver Angels. Braver Angels was formed seven years ago by Republicans and Democrats determined to communicate respectfully on political matters. In essence, Braver Angels is trying to bring down the temperature on our nation’s political debates. Below you can find a recent podcast hosted by Monica Guzman featuring NumbersUSA.