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ReEnvisioning: Family-Based Migration

Whereas the current system creates an unintentional “chain migration,” backlogs, frustration, illegal immigration, and a level of immigration incompatible with conservation and economic justice, our vision would:

ReEnvisioning: Value of U.S. Citizenship

Whereas the current system raffles away green cards and puts tourists who give birth in the U.S. on a path to citizenship, our vision would:

ReEnvisioning: Temporary Guest Worker Programs

Whereas the current system displaces qualified Americans with exploitable foreign workers, our vision would:

ReEnvisioning: Employment-Based Immigration

Whereas the current system too often brings in workers with skills similar to Americans and/or drains the sending countries of the “change agents” necessary to improve the lives of those left behind, our vision would:

ReEnvisioning: Humanitarian Immigration

Whereas the current system – riddled with fraud – primarily serves non-urgent refugees, economic migrants, and government-funded resettlement agencies; whereas the current system is riddled with fraud; and whereas just one percent of the 20 million refugees worldwide are resettled, our vision would: