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Immigration World Poverty and Gumballs
NumbersUSA Founder Roy Beck uses gumballs in this video that has been viewed millions of times to debunk the myth that mass immigration into the United States can help reduce world poverty.
Immigration by the Numbers – Off the Charts
“The key factor in immigration is the numbers” says NumbersUSA Founder Roy Beck in this video presentation about U.S. Census Bureau projections and immigration numbers. Beck continues, “the problem is not immigrants, the problem is immigration policy and the officials who set that policy.”
Immigration Tradition versus Today America has a tradition of immigration. NumbersUSA Founder Roy Beck stops by Capitol Hill to get the reaction of people after they learn how America’s great tradition compares with our immigration policy today.
1995 Barbara Jordan Press Conference on Legal Immigration Recommendations
Barbara Jordan, the chair of President Clinton’s U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform reports the key recommendations of their study of federal immigration policy, notably elimination of chain migration and the visa lottery.