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Trump Admin. Considering Changes to Asylum Procedures in Attempt to Slow Border Surge

author Published by Chris Chmielenski

The Trump Administration is considering a move that would prevent some foreign citizens from seeking asylum in the United States. Apprehensions of family units crossing the border illegally are at record-highs, and most family units are claiming asylum once they’re detained by a Border Patrol officer.

Under the proposal, asylum-seekers would be unable to seek asylum in the United States if they’ve resided in a country other than their home country before receiving asylum. The proposal, if executed, would most likely block asylum applications from thousands of Central Americans who have been residing in Mexico while waiting for an asylum decision in the United States. Under an earlier Trump action, migrants seeking asylum through a port of entry have to remain in Mexico while their asylum claim is considered.

In addition, Pres. Trump said on Thursday that he would impose a 5% tariff on all goods from Mexico if the country continues to allow Central American migrants to move freely across the country to enter the United States illegally. In the past, the president has threatened to close down the U.S.-Mexico border completely, but he later backed off those threats.

Last Friday, a number of Republican House Members sent a letter to Pres. Trump asking him to take several actions that would most likely end the ongoing border crisis, those actions include:

  • Training Border Patrol officers to conduct credible fear interviews of asylum seekers
  • Limit the ICE Parole Policy that was enacted in 2009, allowing most asylum seekers to receive advance parole
  • Limit work permits only to those asylum-seekers and pass a credible fear interview and then request one after 180 days
  • Raise asylum fees
  • Terminate the Flores Settlement Agreement which forces the administration to release minors from custody after 20 days
  • Negotiate a third-country agreement with Mexico, so Central Americans can seek asylum there
  • Enforce the “Stay in Mexico” protocols

For more, see Politico.

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