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House Republicans: DHS Failed to Implement Available Border Fixes

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A group of House Republicans wrote acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan to criticize DHS’ failure to adopt border security fixes that are available without additional congressional action. They noted the president has shown leadership on the issue but DHS lacks “the same manner of enthusiasm for fixing this crisis.”

The group – Republican Reps. Michael Cloud (Tex.), Andy Biggs (Ariz.), Chip Roy (Tex.), Scott Perry (Penn.), Jody Hice (Ga.), Mark Green (Tenn.), Paul Gosar (Ariz.), Ken Buck (Colo.), Brian Babin (Tex.) and Jim Jordan (Ohio) – told McAleenan to “support the president” in his quest to secure the border.

The letter said, “Recent DHS statistics on the number of arrivals at our southern border are clear proof that what is currently being done, is not enough…, “(A)s of March 31, 2019, 361,087 migrants have been apprehended between the points of entry (POEs) in Fiscal Year (FY) 2019, representing a 108 percent increase over the same time in FY 2018. Current projections are that more than 1 million people will have crossed our southern border illegally this year. Our constituents, the American public, are confounded as to why more is not being done by your Department…As the President continues to show leadership on this issue, we strongly encourage you to exercise the same manner of enthusiasm for fixing this crisis…Included in this letter are proposals that would undoubtedly slow the surge at the border and provide context for long term immigration solutions.”

The letter urges DHS to:

  • Train Border Patrol Agents to conduct credible fear interviews;
  • Repeal the ICE parole policy established under the Obama Administration, which provides that most asylum seekers must be released and given a work authorization;
  • Provide work authorizations only after an asylum application has been approved;
  • Raise asylum fees;
  • Promulgate regulation to terminate the Flores settlement;
  • Negotiate “Safe Third Country” agreement with Mexico, which would require Central American migrants to seek asylum in Mexico, not the U.S.; and
  • Fully implement “Remain in Mexico” policy.

Read more in The Hill and a related letter the group sent President Trump.

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