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Just a few weeks ago, Roy introduced our search engine that allows you to look for businesses that are protecting American jobs by using the E-Verify employment verification system. Our database got a little publicity last week when an employment screening service advertised our search engine on their website.

Liberty Screening Services in Houston, Texas provides employers with pre-employment background checks, drug testing, identity verification, credit reports and other hiring-related services. On Thursday, they posted a short blog on their front page linking companies to our E-Verify search engine.

NumbersUSA Develops Searchable E-Verify Database

For those of you who are adamant about immigration laws, NumbersUSA recently developed a searchable E-Verify database. There you can locate over 200,000 businesses that currently use E-Verify.

You can use the database to find locally owned businesses who actively use E-Verify to insure their employees are legally authorized to work in the US.

Find the database here!

Liberty is an advocate for E-Verify and has several pro-E-Verify blogs on their website. The company also helps its clients, which includes a list of Fortune 500 companies, get started with E-Verify.

Each quarter, we receive an updated list of companies that have registered with E-Verify from the Department of Homeland Security. We completed our latest update just two weeks ago, increasing the number of businesses listed in our database to 195,885.

I encourage you to give the search engine a try and look to see what businesses in your community are protecting American jobs by checking all new hires through E-Verify. I also encourage you to read Roy’s blog on some E-Verify searching tips and things you can do with the information you find.

CHRIS CHMIELENSKI is the Website Content Manager for NumbersUSA

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