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Free rent and a pool…but not for you.

author Published by Jeremy Beck

“We are very concerned about all people, but we also realize when a community is being totally taken advantage of….We do have an obligation to be a blessing to all people. But we also have an obligation to take care of our families, and take care of individuals who are in this community." -- Pastor Corey B. Brooks #sanctuarycities

Corey Brooks, the “Rooftop Pastor” of Chicago, tells Glenn Loury that the city is launching a $57 million, taxpayer-funded, catering service to deliver meals to citizens of other nations who are in the country illegally. 

To quote Kat Williams: “Whaaat?

“That’s not ok as a society.”

It isn’t just that Chicagoans are paying for things like catering services for illegal aliens, it’s that resources like parks, recreation centers, and even police stations are being diverted from the resident community. As usual, it comes down to the numbers. Pastor Brooks says his community would like to help, but “we’re being put in a position where it’s impossible, because there are so many individuals.”

“Totally taken advantage of.” Corey Brooks and Glenn Loury on Mayor Johnson’s Sanctuary Chicago.

Free rent and a pool…but not for you.

This reallocation of resources is happening all over the country. Gov. Healy in Massachusetts chose a Black neighborhood to convert a recreational center into a migrant shelter.

New York is granting a year of free rent for apartments with swimming pool access while the city has undergone two rounds of budget cuts (a proposed third round was delayed after an influx of taxpayer money). Gov. Hochel in New York has been telling unauthorized aliens to “go somewhere else.”

“Every community in this city is going to be impacted.”
“If you’re going to leave your country, go somewhere else.”

“We can buy you a free ticket…wherever, wherever.”

Denver is facing a $120 million budget crisis due to migrants choosing that sanctuary city as their home. According to reporting from Ryan Mills:

“[T]he city is now cutting hours at local rec centers, slashing park programming, and freezing hiring in some departments. To save a little money, the city has decided against planting flowers in some of its parks and medians this spring.……The Common Sense Institute analysis found that the migrant crisis has cost Denver-area schools, including schools outside of the city, at least $84.6 million.”

Local NBC News says Denver officials have a simple message to migrants: “Stay here and you will suffer” (video at link).

The video shows Denver’s Newcomer Communications Liaison Andres Carrera telling a group of migrants in Spanish, “New York gives you more, Chicago gives you more, so I suggest you go there…there are also more job opportunities there…We have received too many migrants and that is why we ran out of resources.”

“We can buy you a free ticket,” he says, “You can go to any city. We can take you up to the Canadian border, wherever, wherever.”

The whole thing is a clown show. But there is nothing funny to the overrun communities forced to bear the brunt of a crisis they had no part in creating.

Readers will be quick to note that none of these elected officials are lobbying the Biden administration or Congress to stop the border crisis. They have all adopted some version of Gov. Hochul’s position: you can come into the country but please don’t come to my city.

Prioritize the local population.

In his article, “How mass immigration hurts Black Americans,” Roger House writes:

“Congress should require sanctuary cities to prioritize the local population for provisions such as homeless shelters, affordable housing units, emergency room and mental health services, education outreach, legal services, and food programs, among others. The populations from the border should have access to older facilities, if room is available.”

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