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Other nations are addressing unsustainable immigration

author Published by Jeremy Beck

April, 2024

New Zealand and Australia are cutting unsustainable immigration to deal with soaring housing prices and overwhelmed infrastructure; and to prioritize the domestic workforce. 

Switzerland is holding a referendum to reduce immigration to address “housing shortages and rising rents, traffic jams on the roads, crowded trains and buses, falling standards of schools, increasing violence and crime, electricity shortages, income stagnating per capita, ever-higher health insurance premiums, indebted social services, and increased pressure on the beauty of the landscape and the preservation of nature.”

Meanwhile, in the United States, Americans say immigration is the most significant problem facing the country.

Sustainable immigration requires:

  • Reducing legal immigration. This requires actions from Congress.
  • Stopping illegal immigration. This requires actions from the Executive and Legislative branches.

Immigration has reached new, unprecedented highs under President Biden, mostly due to a sharp increase in illegal immigration. Overall, the foreign-born population has grown by more than six million in a little over three years, to over 51 million. That 6 million increase is greater than the populations of 33 individual states.

Foreign born in the United States reached new records highs in 2024 in both numbers (51.4 million) and percentage (15.5% of the population).

Whether or not America says “yes” to an immigration system we can sustain and be proud of comes down to what we – the NumbersUSA community – does. Log in to activate the full power of your action board and spread the word.

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