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In an outrageous new development, the Obama Administration has started a program to bring the Central American relatives of the illegal aliens it has amnestied (or plans to amnesty) to the United States! Instead of forcing the minors, and near minors, to face the dangerous and expensive trip from Central America on their own (like the 60,000 who came in the 2014 border surge), the federal government will fly them directly to the U.S. courtesy of the American taxpayer.

In 2014, shortly after the implementation of Pres. Obama's first illegal executive amnesty, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), the Southwest border experienced an unprecedented surge of more than 60,000 children from Central America seeking amnesty. According to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), 97.9% were released to family members living in the U.S.

Pres. Obama said he would solve the crisis. Well, here is his full plan coming to fruition -- identify them in their home countries and bring them up at taxpayer expense.

According to media reports, the program, announced in November, provides refugee status and parole to children of amnestied illegal aliens from Central America. Illegal-alien parents in the U.S. who have received a quasi-legal status, including DACA, can now apply to have the children they left behind in Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador receive in-country refugee processing, free transportation to the U.S., "resettlement assistance," and access to free education and other benefits, all at taxpayer expense.

Those who receive refugee status will eventually qualify for permanent residence and citizenship. Those who don't qualify as refugees can still be eligible for parole and a trip to the U.S.

In November of last year, Pres. Obama announced an even larger amnesty program for illegal-alien parents of U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents, but that program has been temporarily halted by a federal district court. The Obama Administration has appealed the decision to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, and should it eventually allow Obama's massive Executive Amnesty of millions of illegal aliens to go forward, their children and spouses from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador can be flown to the United States.

I'd have to call this proactive amnesty.

Now, thanks to Obama setting aside the Constitution to re-write and administer immigration laws himself, the government has gotten into the business of RECRUITING AND FINANCING those who would have been illegal aliens, saving them the trouble and expense of crossing the border themselves.

Details of the program published by the State Department give NO NUMERICAL LIMIT to those who can come.

You see, it's not only children and spouses who can come now, but also people who are thought to form a "financial unit" of that family. In other words, cousins, aunts, uncles, friends, practically anyone.

You think this won't happen? Sorry - it's happening right now. At least 400 people currently living in the U.S. have already applied to have their family members flown to the U.S., and I suspect thousands more will as the program becomes more widely known.

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JIM ROBB is the Vice President, Operations for NumbersUSA

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