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Leveraging Hollywood: The Power of Film in Immigration Reform Advocacy

by Toby White

In a groundbreaking move that merges the worlds of advocacy and entertainment, NumbersUSA has partnered with noted Hollywood filmmaker, Namrata Singh Gujral, to shed light on the critical issues surrounding national security and immigration policy. This strategic collaboration aims to utilize the emotive power of cinema to raise awareness about the complexities and consequences of unchecked immigration, particularly in relation to the safety of American citizens, and to promote NumbersUSA’s core purpose of sensible immigration.

Gujral’s new film, America Invaded, streaming now, is transformative and powerful – at once a gut wrenching look at personal accounts by Gold Star families of military heroes who were empowered by 9/11 to ensure a safer America; while noting the hypocrisy of U.S. open border policies that cultivate the growing terror threat for which these soldiers lost their lives.

Experts in the film weigh in:

Mark Morgan (Asst. Dir., FBI)
Cory Mills (Congressman)
Paul Gosar (Congressman)
James Carafano (Heritage Foundation)
Mark Krikorian (Executive  Director, CIS)
Dr. Iqtidar Mohd. Khan (Chair, Islamic Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia)
Francis Montil (Senior UNHCR Investigator)
Todd Bensman (Counter-Terrorism Expert, Journalist)
Lt. Col. Scott Mann (Operation Pineapple Express, Afghanistan)
Kevin Lynn (Institute for Sound Public Policy)

Featuring narration by Hollywood action film stars:

  • Nick Searcy (Castaway)
  • Elise Robertson (American Sniper)
  • Alex Veadov (Act of Valor)
  • Yousef Azami (Lone Survivor)

At the end of the documentary, viewers are urged to take action by signing the NumbersUSA petition at to demand the U.S. government secure our borders.

The decision to leverage the platform of film in advocacy efforts stems from a recognition of the unparalleled reach and influence of the entertainment industry. Hollywood has long been a catalyst for social change, provoking thought, sparking conversations, and inspiring action on a global scale. By harnessing the storytelling prowess of filmmakers such as Gujral, whose 2020 documentary, America’s Forgotten, reveals the staggering human and material cost of illegal immigration to the U.S. and is a raw depiction of death, torture and hardship suffered by Americans and foreigners due to illegal immigration; NumbersUSA saw the opportunity to bridge the gap between national security and sensible immigration reform.

NumbersUSA seeks to amplify the voices of those affected by flawed immigration policies and prompt meaningful dialogue among audiences through the big screen.  In our goal to highlight the real-world implications of lax immigration policies, including the potential risks posed to national security, NumbersUSA implores its members, supporters and the public at large to confront uncomfortable truths, challenge preconceived notions, and engage in constructive dialogue about the urgent need for comprehensive, sensible immigration reform.  It could not be more critical than now, in an election year amidst chaos at our borders.

Most importantly, NumbersUSA invites anyone who cares about national security to act.

Here’s how:

Voters:  help secure our borders and achieve a sensible immigration policy by signing the petition at: or by downloading it on the NumbersUSA App that is now available at the Apple Store and coming soon to Google Play.

Together, let’s raise awareness, inspire action, and drive meaningful progress towards a more just and secure future for all Americans. Sensible Immigration starts now:

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