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We will very soon be posting our every-four-year Presidential Hopefuls Immigration Grade Cards on the 20 candidates who are polling at 1% or higher.

And we will update their ratings and grades every week until the 2016 election is held.

Every election cycle, we get hammered by people who think we have gone too hard on their favorite candidate and too easy on a competitor. But we are transparent, providing all the statements and actions (plus citations) that we use to rate each Hopeful.

It's possible that the candidate you like the best right now may be fantastic on immigration.

But most of the candidates really ARE pretty awful with their current policy stands.

This cycle, we are placing all weight on how each Hopeful's immigration stances would affect American workers' jobs and wages by changing the supply of competing workers. We're calling the ratings:

2016 Presidential Hopefuls

We are rating each Hopeful in 10 different immigration categories:

  • Mandate E-Verify Plus
  • Prevent Illegal Border Entries & Surges
  • Implement Enforcement Mandated by Congress
  • Finish Entry-Exit System to Track Visa Overstays
  • End Automatic Birthright Citizenship
  • Oppose Work Permits for Illegal Immigrants
  • Support Overall Reduction in Annual Immigration
  • End Chain Migration
  • Protect Against Unfair Work Visa Competition
  • End Visa Lottery

And we will give each an overall letter grade.

The likelihood is that the hopeful you like best (for all kinds of reasons) is pretty bad overall on immigration policy.

The good news is that we will recalculate ratings and grades every week. So, your response should be to put the pressure on the staffs of your favored candidates to learn more about the issues and modify their stances to be in the national interest.

We'll also depend on you to look over the statements and actions we are using to calculate each rating and to let us know something that we have missed that could change our rating.

For several election cycles, NumbersUSA's Presidential Hopefuls Immigration Grade Cards have been the most cited measure of candidate immigration stances in the news media. In every cycle, we have seen most candidates get better as the campaign progresses and we are able to raise their grades.

We take very seriously our role as the primary source for how the candidates compare with each other on many different aspects of immigration policy. We are always thankful to all of you who help us get it right. Keep in mind that, when we give our best grade to a candidate, we are not giving an endorsement. But we ARE telling you which candidates are the very best on this issue.

20 candidates.
10 category ratings for each.
200 sections of quotes and citations to measure the Hopefuls on the myriad nuances of the immigration policies that have so much effect on the ability of America's wage-earners and their families to live lives of dignity.

ROY BECK is Founder & President of NumbersUSA

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