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FOR IDAHO ONLY: Like the majority of Idaho voters, I support sensible immigration reductions.

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Most Idahoans are concerned about the rapid conversion of the state's farmland and natural habitat to handle a rising tide of people fleeing more-crowded countries and states.

Over the past ten years, Idaho has had the fastest rate of population growth in the country. Polling finds that most voters want this slowed down or stopped altogether. As a Member of Congress, you can help with this.

Current population expansion has taken a heavy toll particularly on Idaho's farmland which is a critical part of the state's communities, economy, and culture. A 2020 report by the American Farmland Trust stated that Idaho's best farmland and its agricultural identity are being lost at an alarming rate.

Around 370,000 acres of rural land were eliminated due to increased urbanization and other development between 1982 and 2017, according to the federal National Resources Inventory.

A recent study concluded that 77% of the land loss was caused by Idaho's frenzied population growth.

Although federal immigration policy is not the main direct factor in Idaho's population growth, it is a major one. And it is something that you as a Member of Congress can help change.

Immigrants who arrived in the United States since 1982, plus their children and grandchildren born here since then, account for almost one-fifth of Idaho's growth, Census data show.

About three-fifths of Idaho population growth is due to all migration from other states and countries. Large numbers of Americans relocating in Idaho are moving away from population-oriented problems in states like California in which foreign immigration is the main source of population increases.

We urge you to work toward fulfilling the desire of the majority of Idaho citizens for sensible immigration limits that can be one of many local, state, and federal actions necessary to slow down and stop further urbanization of our farmland and natural habitat.

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