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Petition to Rebuild the Bridge to U.S. Workers

Dear President Biden,

Don’t reward illegal employers.

I am extremely saddened that people have to work in the shadows in dangerous work conditions to seek a better life. The blood of Alejandro Hernandez Fuentes, Dorlian Ronial Castillo Cabrera, Maynor Yassir Suazo Sandoval, Miguel Luna, Jose Mynor Lopez and Carlos Hernández is on the hands of corporate America. They have created the pull factors that promised a better life  without the freedom that citizens enjoy. These illegal workers will not push back against unfair treatment because they fear getting deported. However, temporary work visas will not honor those who were lost during the collapse. This will only encourage more to come and continue the cycle of hushed tragedies. 

For too long Black Americans have been underrepresented in the construction industry. 5 percent representation in the industry is a travesty! The Hill reported that “90 percent of unemployment claims came from Black Americans”. President Biden, there are Black Americans who want to work but they are being squeezed out by employer’s preference for cheap foreign labor. It is time for the Biden administration to right years of wrongs from this industry and not repeat the mistakes of Hurricane Katrina. During this disaster,  Black Americans came prepared to work and were ready to rebuild their communities, but were replaced by illegal alien workers. 

We have opened the border to the world and provided them with housing, meals, healthcare, and education opportunities. What have we done for Black Americans living in poverty but slap them in the face with our insatiable appetite for illegal labor. Kat Williams made a statement about the mass immigration situation, “What do you mean the immigrants are getting a check and we putting them in housing?” “Whaaaat?!!”! “You mean in the Homeless people’s faces” “Let’s show you what we could have done.” You have complained about Trickle Down economics and you are aware that those drops have not fallen on Black people. Your administration and other administrations have shown us what the government can do for people in need. Black Americans are not asking for handouts. We are seeking opportunities for jobs that belong to us. Let the monsoon rains of restorative justice fall as a great first step toward changing the status quo. 

President Biden, we are asking you to use your executive powers to force companies to use E-verify for the Key Bridge rebuilding project. Let this be an example of what Black Americans can accomplish when they do not have to compete with illegal aliens. Encourage companies to pay fair wages, provide safe working conditions, and invest in Black communities through employing Black Americans.