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NumbersUSA Statement on President Biden’s SOTU – March 7, 2024

President Biden created the crisis at the border through a series of deliberate policy choices that he made from his first day in the Oval Office. President Biden ended Remain in Mexico, issued a moratorium on deportations, and his first legislative proposal was a blanket amnesty for illegal immigrants in the United States. He has abused his parole authority to allow inadmissible aliens entry into the U.S. with work authorization, in defiance of existing law.  President Biden has also used the asylum system to admit economic migrants, undermining the purpose of the program and undercutting wages of American workers. President Biden is faced with taking action to resolve the border crisis, but in so doing it proves the point that he has always had the ability to solve the crisis he created.  Congress has done its job.  It has provided immigration laws.  President Biden’s job is to enforce the law.  Instead, he is trying to deflect responsibility by claiming he can not act unless Congress grants him new powers. President Biden will likely ask for more money so that he can accelerate the processing of illegal aliens through his abuses of parole and asylum.  This does not solve the border crisis.  Only courage to uphold the law will do so.  The president already has the authority and the resources to secure the border. What is lacking is the political will. NumbersUSA looks forward to President Biden taking real action to secure the border and restoring integrity to our immigration system.

NumbersUSA Response to President Biden’s SOTU – March 7, 2024

In his State of the Union Address tonight, President Biden attempted to deflect blame for the immigration policies he implemented. On his first day in office, President Biden announced with much fanfare a series of executive actions that eliminated effective deterrents to illegal immigration. Now, he says Congress is at fault for not rubber stamping his catch-and-release policies and providing funding to more quickly process into the United States the largest surge of illegal immigration this nation has ever seen. The President called on Congress to act. Just today, the House of Representative passed the Laken Riley Act with bipartisan support. This adds to the Secure the Border Act passed by the House last May. Yet, neither bill was acknowledged by the president tonight. As the great Barbara Jordan said, “Immigration is far too important to who we are as a nation to become a wedge issue in Presidential politics.”  NumbersUSA urges President Biden to stop politicizing the issue and to start taking action to end the border crisis.