Roll Call -- Kenneth Blackwell

Work permits for millions of illegal aliens is just the beginning of President Barack Obama’s unlawful attack on American workers at every skill level.

He “can’t wait” to impose new immigration regulations in order to expand the pool of people looking for work — despite stagnant wages and record low labor participation rates signaling the foolishness of doing so — he’s just not going to tell you about it.

A funny thing was missing from Obama’s address. Not once did he acknowledge he was granting work permits and Social Security numbers to people in the country illegally. Nor will you find any mention of on the White House’s “Share the Facts” page about the executive action.

Yet the Los Angeles Times reports: “In the most consequential change to the administration’s policy on deportation, the program will invite parents of either U.S. citizens or long-term permanent residents to apply for a work permit and a three-year protection from deportation.”

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Updated: Tue, Dec 23rd 2014 @ 9:50am EST