VP Mike Pence
VP Mike Pence


Vice President Mike Pence called on the leaders of the Central American counties that make up the Northern Triangle to take more steps to discourage illegal immigration to the United States. Many of the illegal border crossers in recent years have come from the Northern Triangle countries that include Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala, including the majority of family units and unaccompanied alien children apprehended at the border.

"The leaders in this room and the governments that you represent should tell your people — don't put your families at risk by taking the dangerous journey north to attempt to enter the United States illegally," vice President Pence said. "The truth is your message can probably be summed up by telling them that if they can't come to the United States legally, they should not come at all."

In FY2018, Border Patrol agents apprehended 90,563 family units along the Southwest border. 87,405 of the family units came from one of the Northern Triangle countries. Border Patrol agents also apprehended 45,704 unaccompanied alien children. 34,902 came from one of the Northern Triangle countries.

VP Pence delivered his remarks at an annual conference in Washington D.C. to promote prosperity and security in Central America.

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Updated: Thu, Oct 25th 2018 @ 1:05pm EDT