Vice President Kamala Harris surprised many on Sunday with the disingenuous reassurance that America's southern border is "secure," despite the number of illegal aliens pouring across the border getting ready to surpass 2 million for the first time in history.

On NBC's "Meet the Press," Harris stated that the U.S. immigration system "still needs to be fixed," before falling back on the bromidic tactic of blaming the Trump administration for the crisis that began under the Biden administration.

The Vice President told Chuck Todd,

The border is secure, but we also have a broken immigration system, in particular, over the last four years before we came in, and it needs to be fixed.

Seemingly surprised himself, Todd questioned,

We're going to have 2 million people cross this border for the first time ever. You're confident this border's secure?

Harris insisted,

We have a secure border in that that is a priority for any nation, including ours and our administration. But there are still a lot of problems that we are trying to fix given the deterioration that happened over the last four years.

We also have to put into place a law and a plan for a pathway for citizenship for the millions of people who are here and are prepared to do what is legally required to gain citizenship. We don't have that in place because people are playing politics in a state like this [Texas] and in Congress.

The Vice President's statements come at the end of a record-breaking year for illegal alien encounters at the southern border. Illegal alien numbers have almost doubled under the Biden administration and have already exceeded last year's jaw-dropping record.

"So far this fiscal year, Border Patrol agents have reported more than 1.94 million encounters at the border, which is up from the 1.73 million encounters in all of 2021 and just over 458,000 in 2020," reports The Washington Times.

On Tuesday's episode of Fox News's "Special Report," the Vice President's fellow Democrat, Sen. Joe Manchin, said that the Vice President is "dead wrong" in saying the border is secure; the Sen. added, "we need the wall and a lot more, technology, more agents," reports Breitbart News.

Senator Manchin said,

It's wrong. She's dead wrong on that. And I have said this, if we don't secure — I voted every time for the wall. But we need the wall and a lot more, technology, more agents. The 2013 immigration bill was still the best piece of legislation I think that we've ever had before us. We couldn't get it passed through the Republican House at that time because of some politics involved there and…people were shouting the word' amnesty.' That piece of legislation would have corrected everything we have going wrong. But for anybody, the Vice President, the President, anybody to say that our borders are secure, that is not accurate. I've been there. It's wrong.

Updated: Thu, May 11th 2023 @ 3:23pm EDT