The issue of Immigration came up this weekend as GOP Presidential hopefuls attended a forum focused on agricultural policy. Jeb Bush, Senator Lindsay Graham, Governor Scott Walker, and several other presidential prospects were asked about their views on immigration reform. Some potential candidates called for enforcement of existing laws, while others called for amnesty for illegal aliens living in the U.S.

Jeb Bush, a supporter of amnesty and mass immigration, made his position clear:

"Immigrants that are here need to have a path to legalized status...No one I know has a plan to round up illegal immigrants and send them back."'

Governor Scott Walker, who has made statements supporting amnesty in the past (video below), continued to distance himself from his previous statements:

"I’m not a supporter of amnesty, I know there are some out there [who are],"

Here is Governor Scott Walker in 2013 saying a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens makes sense:

Senator Graham, who helped push "Comprehensive immigration reform" through the Senate in 2013, made a political argument for granting amnesty to illegal aliens:

"We need a rational solution to the 11 million, because no Democrat is going to give us everything we want without getting something,"

Former Senator Rick Santorum called for better interior immigration enforcement:

"Yes, we need to secure the border. Yes, we need to have programs that work for different industries in this country. Yes, we need e-verify. Yes, we need to reform our legal immigration system in the national interest."

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Updated: Mon, Mar 23rd 2015 @ 3:00pm EDT