According to ABC News10, Foreign workers are filling hundreds of Sacremento-area IT jobs that could be filled by Americans. Tech companies like Microsoft, Google, and Facebook spend millions lobbying Congress every year claiming they need hundreds of thousands of foreign workers to fill jobs here in the United States.

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Norm Matloff, a Computer Science Professor at UC Davis, compared visas to the controversial practice of outsourcing American jobs to other countries:

"It doesn't matter whether an H-1B takes the job here that you would have taken or, on the other hand, if the job is sent overseas. Either way, you as an American programmer or engineer, doesn't have that job"

Kim Berry, a webmaster of two sites that address the influx of foreign workers in the U.S., compared the H-1B program to the issue of illegal aliens displacing American construction workers.

"It's not any different than what illegal aliens have done to construction workers…Why hire an American to do the roofing when you can have a truckload of illegals do it for $30 per day each?"

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Updated: Mon, Mar 16th 2015 @ 10:15pm EDT