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Trump: ‘I Want Dreamers To Come From This Country’

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During a press conference on Monday when asked about what DREAMers can expect if he wins the presidency Trump responded:

 “I want dreamers to come from this country. You mentioned DREAMers. You mentioned DREAMers? I want dreamers to come from the United States. I want the people in the United States that have children, I want them to have dreams also. We’re always talking about ‘DREAMers’ for other people. I want the children that are growing up in the United States to be dreamers also. They’re not dreaming right now.”

Trump continued with discussing the high unemployment rates of African-Americans:

“And you look at African-American youth. I mean, 58% unemployment. You look at African-Americans and they’re 30 years old and 40 years old and we have an African-American president, and he has not done anything for the African-Americans in this country, okay? And he got a free pass. And he shouldn’t have. Because if that were me or that were somebody else, we would be taking over the calls, believe me. It would not be a good situation. 

President Obama has done nothing for the African-Americans. You look at African-American youth, you look at African-Americans that are 30 years old, 40 years old and 50 in their prime and take a look at the statistics. It’s very sad.”

A new analysis of the U-6 unemployment rates for the 4th quarter of 2015 by the Center for Immigration Studies shows that African-Americans do have the highest unemployment rates in every category.

African-American teens ages 16-17 have an unemployment rate of 15.8% while the overall immigrant unemployment rate for this category is 10.6%, and the total overall unemployment rate in this category is 9.6%.

African-Americans ages 18-29 without a high school diploma have one of the highest unemployment rates at 50.8% while immigrants in the same category have an unemployment rate of only 16.1%, and the overall unemployment rate in this category is 28.2%.

African-Americans ages 18-29 with a high school diploma still have a high unemployment rate of 29.9% compared to the overall immigrant unemployment rate of 16.6% and the total unemployment rate of 21.4% for this category.

You can read more on the press conference at Real Clear Politics.

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