The Trump Administration has brokered an asylum deal with El Salvador, according to a senior administration official and another person familiar with it, as reported by Politico. The agreement — known as a “safe third country” pact — would require El Salvador to accept asylum seekers who pass through its territory en route to the United States.

The deal, which likely requires more steps to become effective, would give President Donald Trump another tool to turn away migrants seeking refuge at the U.S.-Mexico border. The Supreme Court earlier this month allowed the administration to implement a regulation that bars asylum seekers who first pass through another nation without seeking protection in that place.

The Trump administration struck a similar safe third country deal with Guatemala in August, but it faces several hurdles to implementation. The country’s top court earlier this month lifted an injunction barring President Jimmy Morales from negotiating such a pact, which could aid finalization of the agreement. The U.S. currently has a safe third country deal only with Canada, but the Trump administration has drafted a fast-track regulation that would allow such agreements with other countries.

The administration argued in the draft text of the interim final rule — which was obtained by POLITICO — that the regulatory changes “will better position the United States as it engages in ongoing diplomatic negotiations with Mexico and the Northern Triangle countries.

The exact parameters of the agreement with El Salvador remain unclear. One person familiar with the deal said it wouldn’t greatly change the flow of migrants to the U.S.-Mexico border since El Salvador isn’t commonly part of the route to the U.S.

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Updated: Fri, Oct 4th 2019 @ 5:10pm EDT