Texas Republicans in the House of Representatives have unveiled a comprehensive border security framework specifically catered to the needs of Texas as it grapples with Biden's border crisis. The framework written "by Texans for Texas" is the latest plan released by the GOP to secure the southwest border.

Earlier this year, the House GOP released their "Commitment to America" plan, which promised to take definitive action on several border security measures and asylum reforms "in order to close loopholes, protect national security and discourage a flood of migration."

"As Members of Congress representing Texans and the southern border we commit to the same and offer these solutions to fulfill the goals of the Commitment to America," the Lone Star lawmakers say. The framework is divided into categories based on legislation previously introduced by Texas lawmakers.

Texas Border Commitment by Fox News

In the first category, the Representatives commit to completing critical infrastructure at the border, including finishing the Trump-era border wall. Also included is a promise to aid Border Patrol recruitment and install 700 miles of roads along the border.

Additionally, the plan includes a policy requiring federal officials to turn away all illegal aliens who cannot be detained and placed into programs like "Remain in Mexico," which requires asylum seekers to wait in Mexico for their immigration hearings.

The lawmakers also wish to see all non-governmental organizations they say help in "the violation of our border security and related laws," defunded. "Additionally, the framework includes the closing of "loopholes" in asylum law in relation to the treatment of minors, and to stop the abuse of the asylum system by those not fleeing persecution," Fox News reports.

The plan "By Texans for Texas" also extends much-needed limits on the extent to which DHS can apply prosecutorial discretion and parole to mass-release illegal aliens into the nation's interior, as well as increasing enforcement for criminal illegal aliens and visa overstays.

Representative Chip Roy told Fox News:

Texas is under siege from this invasion every day and our delegation is tired of watching the Biden Administration have 'more important things to do' than protect our fellow Texans and Americans from cartels, terrorists, fentanyl traffickers, human traffickers, human smugglers and murderers.

We are committing ourselves to secure our southern border; we will not accept anything less, and this framework outlines what it's going to take to get the job done.

"No one understands or appreciates the widespread social and economic costs of Biden's unprecedented open border crisis like the people of Texas. It only makes sense for the Texas Delegation to lead the way in using every tool and authority to secure the border, defend our sovereignty, and protect our citizens — and all Americans — from this epic disaster," said Rep. Jodey Arrington in a statement.

"As migrants and fentanyl continue to pour over our southern border, the Biden Administration sits idly by and refuses to even acknowledge this devastating crisis," Rep. Dan Crenshaw said. The Congressman added, "Texas continues to bear the brunt of this mess, and Biden's inaction speaks volumes. Come January 3rd, House Republicans will do everything in our power to secure our border and put an end to this national security crisis.".

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Updated: Thu, May 11th 2023 @ 3:23pm EDT