Texas has stepped up to the plate in combating the effects of Biden’s Border Crisis by deploying more than 40 miles of razor wire and other practical border barriers along the Texas-Mexico border.

Additionally, Texas state prosecutors won their first conviction against an illegal alien for trespassing on private property after illegally crossing the border.

These measures are just a couple of those recently implemented by Texas Governor Greg Abbott as part of Operation Lone Star. Others include busing illegal aliens straight to Washington, dropping them off near the U.S. Capitol, and deploying the National Guard and state police at the border to help the feds and locals.

“We are doing everything we possibly can to prevent people coming across the border and into the state of Texas,” the governor stated during a press conference last week.

According to data provided to The Washington Times, Texas national guardsmen have erected over 42 miles of razor wire fencing since the start of Gov. Abbott’s Lone Star program. The Times adds, “Texas declined to talk about locations where the barriers have been placed, citing ‘operational security.’”

However, Gov. Abbott did celebrate the extent of the razor wire barrier deployments, stating:

Our goal is to make sure we have that concertina wire in every inch of the border. The only place we would be prohibited from putting it would be where federal land may be located, or if there’s private property where a private property owner does not want it.

Texas also announced the first trespassing conviction of an illegal alien caught by Op. Lone Star. Lester Hidalgo Aguilar, a 39-year-old Honduran man was convicted by a jury of his peers and sentenced to the maximum one year of incarceration.

The Washington Times reports,

Tony Hackebeil, who led the prosecution, told jurors they had a chance to make a statement about the border, according to The Texas Tribune, which covered the trial.

“Send that message,” Mr. Hackebeil said. “Send the message to not just your community that you agree this should not be allowed to happen. But send a message as loud as you can to all of those people who are continually doing this.”

The jury deliberated for 20 minutes and found Aguilar guilty of trespassing on private ranchland, The Tribune reported. The judge slapped him with the maximum punishment of a year in jail.

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Updated: Thu, Sep 22nd 2022 @ 5:25pm EDT