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Tech Industry not united on ‘Comprehensive Immigration Reform’

author Published by Chris Chmielenski

The U.S. tech industry has been a central part of the “comprehensive immigration reform” debate in Congress this year. Representatives from the tech community have testified before both the House and Senate Judiciary Committees speaking to the need for an increase in tech-trained foreign workers, but a new report from Politico reveals that a few tech firms may be more interested in satisying its immigration needs than pushing for an amnesty for the nation’s 11 million illegal aliens.Both Deputy Commerce Secretary Rebecca Blank and Sen. Chuck Schumer addressed tech groups this week and told them their immigration needs would have to be part of a “comprehensive immigration reform” deal. In other words, if tech wants more foreign workers, they have to go along with a blanket amnesty.But Synopsys Chairman Aart de Geus has some reservations about tying STEM increases to amnesty”I’ve seen this train before and I remember this was the kiss of death,” de Geus told Politico. “If you don’t want to solve a problem, then attach it to a bigger problem. I would ask that you decouple the problems.”Other in the tech community, however, do support using whatever means are necessary to increase the number of visas given to foreign tech workers.Last Congress, the House passed a bill that would increase the number of visas given to foreign workers that held an advanced degree in a STEM field. It also ended the Visa Lottery. The Senate did not take up the bill.For more information, see Politico.  

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