Ron Johnson, the Senior Senator for Wisconsin, introduced the “Securing America’s Borders Act of 2019” (S. 2162) in July of last year. On Monday, the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs passed the bill allowing it to be moved to the Senate floor.

The bill requires the Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection to hire at least 600 much-needed new Border Patrol agents annually. If passed, the legislation will also require CBP to report quarterly to Congress on the Border Patrol workforce's status and conduct a comprehensive staffing analysis periodically.

Sen. Johnson’s commitment to securing the porous southern border should act as a model for his fellow lawmakers. The “Securing America’s Borders Act” not only provides the needed support and manpower for the Border Patrol officers risking their lives to uphold this nation’s laws and protect Americans and already present immigrants alike but also allocates the necessary resources to better combat the dangers of Cartel smuggling and human trafficking as well as give officers the abilities to fulfill their obligations of stemming the influx of illegal labor and criminal aliens.

For the full text of the bill, please click here.

Updated: Thu, Dec 31st 2020 @ 12:40pm EST