The Department of Homeland Security, run by Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, has implemented new rules to further protect illegal aliens in the Nation’s capital. According to the Secretary of Homeland Security, immigration enforcement, even “near” these new locations, is all but completely barred.

In addition to schools and hospitals, which have long been supposed ‘sanctuaries’ for illegal aliens, Mayorkas has now added food banks, homeless shelters, child advocacy groups, community-based organizations, school bus stops, daycare centers, and any other place where children might congregate.

Not only does the rule apply to direct immigration enforcement like arrests, but it also bars officers from completing routine check-ins, tracking, or surveillance of aliens at home or work.

The Washington Times reports:

The Washington Times took a map of the District of Columbia and plotted a fraction of off-limits locations — schools, day care centers, clinics, playgrounds, community centers, some churches, and some social services locations — figuring a 500-foot radius, or about half a city block, as the no-go zone.

Immigrant-heavy areas such as Mount Pleasant and Columbia Heights, and the Georgia Avenue corridor through Petworth and Brightwood, are saturated with protected areas. Capitol Hill, downtown Washington and much of the city south of the Anacostia River also are crammed with no-go zones.

One ICE officer commented in a tongue-in-cheek manner on the illogical rules issued by the Biden Admin., he pointed out that many of ICE’s offices are located in buildings that house daycares - would Mayorkas’s new restrictions apply to those agents too, barring them from participating in immigration enforcement even while at their desks?

Other ICE officers warned that there is nothing special about the District of Columbia, stating that such arbitrary and dangerous ‘no-go maps’ barring immigration enforcement can be drawn in and around any city in the United States by the Department of Homeland Security.

The President of the National ICE Council, Chris Crane, stated that the new rule appears to be written so poorly that it seems “intentionally written to foil law enforcement,” “This is self-sabotage,” he added.

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Updated: Thu, Dec 30th 2021 @ 5:55pm EST