The Republican Study Committee's budget proposal for FY2020 suggests reducing low-skilled immigration, requiring all businesses to use E-Verify, and increasing both border and interior enforcement. The budget outline provides a starting point for House GOP lawmakers considering the committee is comprised of 140 Republican House Members, or more than 70% of the caucus.

The budget is only a proposal and won't go far in a Democratically-controlled House, but it does represent the priorities of the majority of House Republicans. Those priorities include:

  • Modernizing and maintaining existing border structures and building new sections;
  • Prohibiting federal funds from going to sanctuary jurisdictions;
  • Enforcing existing law to the maximum extent to prevent illegal entry and visa overstays;
  • Requiring the detention of some of the most serious criminal aliens;
  • Ending chain migration by limiting family-sponsored immigration to the spouses and children of US citizens and LPRs;
  • Ending the visa lottery (and moving those visas to the EB backlog, so not the best);
  • Requiring the use of E-Verify;
  • Limiting birthright citizenship to children of US Citizens and LPRs;
  • Ending DACA.

To read the full budget, click here.

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Updated: Thu, May 16th 2019 @ 9:55am EDT