Under pressure from illegal-alien advocacy groups, the Obama Administration has released some aliens from detention and placed them in the Intensive Supervision Appearance Program (ISAP). But according to Breitbart News, a report by the Homeland Security Department’s Inspector General (IG) says the agency no longer monitors some of the released aliens and over 2,000 were arrested for committing crimes after their release.

ISAP provides nationwide contracted alternatives to detention for aliens prior to the final disposition of their removal cases. Upon their release from detention, aliens are placed under various forms of supervision or electronic monitoring. The goal is to improve alien immigration court appearance rates short of actual detention.

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) bureau claims the program has been effective because few participants abscond. However, a DHS IG report on alternatives to detention from February of this year states “ICE has changed how it uses the program and no longer supervises some participants throughout their immigration proceedings. As a result, ICE cannot definitively determine whether the Intensive Supervision Appearance Program has reduced the rate at which aliens, who were once in the program but who are no longer participating, have absconded or been arrested for criminal acts.” The revised version of this report was highlighted in the IG’s just released Semi-Annual Report to Congress.

The report includes these other findings:

• “ICE developed [a Risk Classification Assessment] to assist its release and custody classification decisions. However, the tool is time consuming, resource intensive, and not effective in determining which aliens to release or under what conditions;”

• “ICE instructed field offices to consider re-detaining noncompliant Supervision Appearance Program participants, but most field offices do not have sufficient funding for detention bed space to accommodate all noncompliant participants;”

• Some aliens enrolled were “at high risk of committing criminal acts, absconding, or violating the terms of their release, such as reporting requirements,” and ICE did not re-detain all who violated the terms of their release; and

• Over 2,000 ISAP participants were arrested for committing crimes between 2010 and 2012.

Read more in Breitbart News.

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Updated: Wed, Jun 17th 2015 @ 4:55pm EDT