Rep. Lance Gooden
Rep. Lance Gooden


Freshman Rep. Lance Gooden (R-Texas) introduced legislation this week aimed at ending sanctuary cities that refuse to cooperate with federal immigration enforcement efforts. Earlier this week, Immigration and Customs Enforcement accused officials in Prince Georges County in Maryland for releasing two illegal aliens suspected of murder after ICE had issued a detainer request.

Rep. Gooden's bill would strengthen the authority of ICE detainers. In addition, it would tighten up the definition of a sanctuary city, restrict funding for jurisdictions that meet the definition of a sanctuary city, offer immunity to local officers who carry out an ICE detainer request, and increase penalties for illegal reentry into the United States.

Rep. Gooden told Fox News that funding for local law enforcement that could be cut due to sanctuary policies would not impact essential law enforcement efforts.

“We’re not targeting terrorism preparedness, drug enforcement or other DHS grants unrelated to immigration,” Rep. Gooden said. “This is in no way going to disrupt law enforcement practices that are ongoing as respect to those grants.”

Rep. Gooden's bill is a focused attempt at addressing the issue of sanctuary cities.

"This bill is a common sense approach to addressing the problem, and I'm hopeful that Democrats who support the rule of law and the safety of their constituents would join Rep. Gooden in his effort to prevent the continued release of criminal aliens and to fully allow localities to cooperate with immigration enforcement," NumbersUSA Deputy Director Chris Chmielenski said.

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Updated: Fri, Jun 7th 2019 @ 8:15am EDT