Late last month NumbersUSA published a story detailing the efforts of ICE and CBP in combating a Korean illegal worker scheme, where aliens were submitting false information in order to illegally obtain American jobs.

After the initial arrests of Korean aliens caught at a Georgia airport by CBP, Rep. Collins released a letter asking the federal agencies to continue looking into the case after a constituent contacted the congressman providing evidence that the scheme was much larger than initially thought.

You can read the original story, here.

Now, ICE has announced that over a dozen illegal workers at the SK Innovation Battery Plant in Jackson County, Ga. have been arrested as part of the illegal worker investigation.

Rep. Collins released a statement that reads:

These jobs were promised to hardworking Georgians, and SK’s illegal and immoral actions have been nothing but a betrayal to Georgia taxpayers who have invested heavily in SK’s development in our state. I want to thank ICE for acting swiftly in response to my calls to deport this illegal workforce and for their commitment to enforcing our immigration laws.

According to Collins, the state of Georgia gave SK over $300 million in tax breaks, grants, and land to encourage them to bring their battery factory to the state, in the hopes of also bringing more jobs to Georgians.

A local news organization, Fox5, reports that the illegal workers have until October 10 to leave the country and will be banned from returning for ten years, as a result of coming under "false pretenses."

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Updated: Fri, Oct 9th 2020 @ 11:45am EDT