Temporary Protected Status
Temporary Protected Status


President Trump says his administration is considering granting Temporary Protected Status to thousands of Venezuelans who have fled their home country to the United States amid ongoing unrest, as reported by PBS.org. Venezuela, which at one point was the most wealthy country in South America, is now facing severe shortages of essential goods and hyperinflation. President Trump commented on the worsening situation stating that it is a horrible thing that has “been brewing for a long time.”

Temporary Protected Status is granted to immigrants from countries destroyed by natural disasters, war, or mass civil unrest and allows them to stay and work in the United States until the situation improves in their home country. Because such statutes are often unenforceable and lead to many aliens overstaying their temporary protection, the Trump Administration has moved to discontinue such protected statuses for many countries. However, when asked Tuesday about TPS for Venezuelans, he stated: "We’re looking at that very seriously."

In Congress, two panels have advanced bills granting protections to Venezuela, which appears to be at odds with President Trump’s tougher immigration policies.

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Updated: Wed, Jun 26th 2019 @ 3:35pm EDT