During a recent interview, top White House aide Dan Pfeiffer said that President Obama would block funding for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) if the Republican Congress does not fund his executive action to grant illegal aliens amnesty and work permits.

In the interview, Pfeiffer said that the president would "absolutely not" sign a 2015 spending bill that would include limits on amnesty spending. When asked if President Obama would veto the spending curbs, Pfeiffer replied, "Yep."

Pfeiffer continued, saying that while DHS can be shut down, "You can't defund our executive action because it is paid for by fees." While the agency within DHS that is in charge of implementing President Obama's executive amnesty is funded by fees from legal immigrants, the Congressional Research Service (CRS) has found that funds "received as fees by federal agencies must still be appropriated by Congress to that agency in order to be available for obligation or expenditure by the agency." Therefore, Congress has the power block the funding of executive amnesty when they convene early next year.

DHS' funds are set to expire on February 27, 2015 as per the 2015 spending bill that was passed into law earlier this month.

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Updated: Tue, Jan 13th 2015 @ 12:00pm EST