A new Washington Post/ABC poll finds that Americans are increasing growing more concerned about the situation along the Southern border. 80% of adults are "seriously concerned" about the situation or consider it a crisis. Registered voters are slightly more likely to be "seriously concerned" or to consider it a crisis.

Most notable is the growing concern among Democrats; 24% of Democrats consider it to be a crisis, up from just 7% earlier this year. Overall, 72% of Democrats are either seriously concerned or think it's a crisis.

Republicans are much more likely to consider the situation a crisis with 56% thinking so. Another 36% are seriously concerned about the situation.

Of all registered voters, only 1% don't see the border situation as a problem.

Border Patrol officers apprehended the highest number of illegal border crossers in over a decade last month, and the number of family units apprehended after crossing the border illegally has already surpassed the previous annual record in just the first half of FY2019.

Earlier this year, Pres. Trump declared a national state of emergency after Congress failed to pass funding for additional border barriers or to close up the loopholes that has led to the ongoing surge. Both the House and Senate voted to terminate the emergency declaration, requiring only a simple majority to pass. After Pres. Trump vetoed the resolution to terminate, the House failed to secure enough votes to override the veto.

For more on this poll, see the Washington Post.

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Updated: Wed, May 15th 2019 @ 11:35am EDT