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Our 5-min. video: How immigration undercut Frederick Douglass & other Free Black workers

author Published by Roy Beck

On this federal Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday, please take five minutes to watch NumbersUSA’s brand new YouTube video entitled “Frederick Douglass encounters a violent lesson on immigration economics on docks of Baltimore.”

This is history that few Americans have been taught. Make sure you know it.

The illustrated video begins with the narrator saying:
As Frederick Douglass was being beaten within an inch of his life while working with ship builders on the docks of Baltimore, the enslaved teenager had learned about as much as needed about the labor economics of immigration surges.”
The video portrays the 1820s and 1830s and the beginning of the serial mass immigration surges that have been a major factor behind the shocking racial economic inequality in our country today.
It is a reminder that every American fighting for major reductions in current immigration numbers is on the side of the angels, battling for more equality of opportunity for all Americans and continuing that MLK dream.
And every American who insists on continuing mass immigration needs to understand that they are contributing to the wide racial wealth gap in this country that is the source of so much social turmoil in our times.
It is unlikely that the Civil Rights movement led by MLK in the 1960s would have been necessary if immigration the previous 140 years had been moderated to a level that did not keep African Americans from climbing jobs ladders and often from getting on an occupational ladder at all. I know that is a provocative statement. But you can start to understand why I say that from watching NumbersUSA’s video
You can fully understand if you read my book, BACK OF THE HIRING LINE: A 200-year history of immigration surges, employer bias, and depression of Black wealth. The video illustrates the first part of Chapter Three.
(We are excited that the audio version of this book — published by the NumbersUSA Education & Research Foundation — has been listed by Amazon as the No. 1 New Release of all audiobooks, hardcovers, paperbacks and Kindles in the “Immigration Policy” category over much of the last month.)
By Roy Beck, NumbersUSA Founder

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