NumbersUSA has notified Congressional offices that it will grade votes on an upcoming spending bills package as votes for amnesty if lawmakers don't include meaningful language that would defund Pres. Obama's executive amnesties.

Congress is putting the finishing touches on two bills that will fund most of the federal government through September of 2015, but only fund immigration agencies into next February. Despite the shorter term spending bill for the Department of Homeland Security, the bill will not defund the executive actions that Pres. Obama announced on Nov. 20.

Pres. Obama's amnesty would grant work permits to an estimated 5 million illegal aliens.

Here's the text of the message NumbersUSA sent to Congressional offices:

NumbersUSA will score as a vote for amnesty a vote for the CRomnibus that House GOP Leaders intend to bring to the floor this week, unless it includes language to defund the President's unconstitutional amnesty.

It makes no difference if the CRomnibus is brought to the floor as a single package, or as a Continuing Resolution to fund DHS plus a separate 11-bill omnibus. Either way, Congress must insist that language to prohibit any fees or appropriations from being used to carry out the illegal Obama amnesty be applied to the entire package. It should be obvious to all Members, as it is to Americans, that Congress cannot in good faith fund an unconstitutional act for any period of time.

Without question, the Department of Homeland Security, and more specifically, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, would play the central role in carrying out the President's unconstitutional amnesty. There should be no debate about restricting their ability to use fees or appropriations to do so.

However, DHS should not be the only restricted agency. Unless restricted from doing so:

  • The Social Security Administration will use tax dollars to issue Social Security account numbers to unlawfully amnestied aliens, in addition to qualifying them for Social Security benefits;
  • The Internal Revenue Service will use billions in tax dollars to issue Earned Income Tax Credits (EITC) and Additional Child Tax Credits (ACTC) to unlawfully amnestied aliens;
  • The Department of Health and Human Services will use tax dollars to enroll unlawfully amnestied aliens in Medicare; and
  • The Department of Justice will use tax dollars to defend the President's unconstitutional amnesty against court challenges, and DoJ's immigration courts will use tax dollars to hear the cases of all the illegal aliens who argue that they cannot be deported because they qualify for the unlawful amnesty.

Congress has a fiduciary duty to the American people--the taxpayers--to prohibit the Executive branch from using their hard-earned dollars to further an unconstitutional act. Congress has a moral obligation to American workers--whose job opportunities are threatened and whose wages are stagnant or declining--who made absolutely clear on November 4 that they oppose Obama's amnesty.

For all of these reasons, NumbersUSA will score as a vote for amnesty a vote for either part of the CRomnibus unless it defunds President Obama's unconstitutional amnesty. The time to fight is now.


Updated: Tue, Dec 23rd 2014 @ 7:40am EST