Apprehensions of illegal aliens crossing the porous southern border fell slightly from October to November, but November's figures have reached the seven-year high watermark.

Between October and November of FY 2021, the arrest of illegal aliens crossing the border between ports of entry fell by 538. However, in November the 67,101 arrested aliens are more than double the 33,524 aliens arrested in November of 2019, and are significantly higher than the remaining November totals from FY 2015-2020, according to the November Southwest Border Migration Report released by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials on Monday.

CBP’s November 2020 operational statistics are available now.

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As reported by Breitbart News via the DHS statistics:

The apprehension of Unaccompanied Alien Children fell slightly from October (4,661) to November (4,467). Migrant family unit apprehensions also fell from 4,556 in October to 4,121 in November.

The arrest of single adults, mostly from Mexico, according to CBP officials, rose slightly from 58,422 in October to 58,513 in November.

CBP officials frequently discuss the dangerous condition in which these migrants are transported and warehoused by cartel-connected human smugglers. They are frequently packed into tractor-trailers in large numbers or stored in overly crowded stash houses at points along or near the border.

And the magnitude of the trafficking is staggering. Over the weekend USBP Agents in Laredo, Texas, encountered 218 illegal aliens from 7 different countries in 2 human smuggling events. Which held the aliens in squalled conditions without any regard for or protection from the Chinese Coronavirus.

The total number of migrants arrested during the first two months of FY 2021, which began on October 1, sits at 134,740. This is up substantially over the same period in each of the previous seven years, the monthly report states.

“Under Title 42 Coronavirus protection protocols put in place by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Border Patrol agents expelled 119,409 of the 134,740 migrants arrested (nearly 90 percent) along the southern border after illegally entering the U.S. since October 1. CBP officials report most of these are expelled to Mexico within two hours of their apprehension,” reports Breitbart.


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Updated: Tue, Dec 29th 2020 @ 1:55pm EST