According to reporting by Breitbart News, the Mexican government has issued approximately 3,000 travel permits to members of a new migrant caravan that arrived over the weekend in Southern Mexico.

Reports say that Mexican authorities made minimal efforts to stop the caravan, which made its way to Mexico’s southern border on Friday, from entering the country before the government caved and issued the travel permits to the caravan.

The travel permits were issued by members of Mexico’s National Immigration Institute (INM) and offer the migrants 30 days to travel freely through Mexico.

“According to INM, the move was done to disrupt the caravan so individual migrants could move freely through Mexico,” reports Breitbart News, concluding:

The caravan has since disbanded, but the migrants with travel permits will continue to make their way north. The U.S. government is seeing record-setting numbers of migrants reaching its southwest border. Cartel-connected human smugglers are actively promoting a notion that U.S. immigration courts are capable of handling swells of new migrant claims.

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Updated: Thu, Jun 30th 2022 @ 1:12pm EDT