Since last January NumbersUSA's staff has been updating Candidate Comparison pages for all 435 congressional districts and the states with a Senate election this year.

These two maps -- which are displayed in larger form further down -- show the congressional races that pose the most significance for immigration-reduction issues in the next Congress.

By putting these races on our maps, we are not endorsing any candidates. Rather, we are simply looking at one thing -- their stated positions and past actions on immigration issues -- and telling you who is best on that particular yardstick.

We mainly are displaying races that are competitive.

But we also list long-shot races that have cream-of-the-crop candidates who have met our stringent standards to be called True Reformers.

To learn more about any race, click on the name of any candidate listed below each map.

Grades listed with the candidate names are from the NumbersUSA Immigration-Reduction Grade Cards based on votes in committee and the House floor, and on co-sponsorship of legislation, since the individual first entered Congress.

Non-incumbent candidates are rated on their campaign promises on 12 legal and illegal immigration issues.

NumbersUSA's TRUE REFORMER label is our top rating. It is given to candidates who take the NumbersUSA survey and pledge their support on the 12 issues, or they are incumbents who have proven themselves on those issues through actions taken in Congress. (Some Members of Congress are able to earn "A" Grades but still not earn the True Reformer label because they have failed to act in one or more category.

5 TOP Immigration reducers in COMPETITIVE races
(Districts colored GREEN on the map.)

Arizona-6: Rep. David Schweikert -- (Career A+)
Georgia-7: Rich McCormick -- TRUE REFORMER
Pennsylvania-10: Rep. Scott Perry -- TRUE REFORMER
Texas-21: Rep. Chip Roy -- (Career A+)
Virginia-5: Bob Good -- TRUE REFORMER

6 GOOD Immigration reducers in COMPETITIVE races
(Districts colored YELLOW on the map.)

New York-1: Rep. Lee Zeldin -- (Career A)
Arizona-2: Brandon Martin
Colorado-3: Lauren Boebert
Illinois-6: Jeanne Ives
Illinois-14: Jim Oberweis
Texas-31: Rep. John Carter -- (Career B+)

(Districts colored ORANGE on map.)

California-36: Ern Cruz
Nevada-1: Kamau Bakari
New Jersey-5: Frank Pallotta
North Carolina-1: Sandy Smith
Ohio-13: Christina Hagan
Virginia-10: Aliscia Andrews
Washington-7: Craig Keller

3 TOP Immigration reducers in COMPETITIVE races
(States colored GREEN on the map.)

IOWA -- Sen. Joni Ernst (Career A-)
GEORGIA -- Rep. Kelly Loeffler (Career A+) and Rep. Doug Collins (Career A) --There are five candidates. The top two will face each other in a runoff.

(State colored ORANGE on the map.)

DELAWARE -- Lauren Witzke

2 GOOD Immigration reducers in COMPETITIVE races
(States colored YELLOW on the map.)

MONTANA -- Sen. Steve Daines (Career B)
ARIZONA -- Sen. Martha McSally (Career B-)

3 UNRELIABLE reducers in COMPETITIVE races with much worse opponents
(States colored BROWN on the map.)

COLORADO -- Sen. Cory Gardner (Career C- compared with a challenger who is much worse on favoring legal and illegal foreign labor)
MINNESOTA -- Jason Lewis (challenging a Career F- incumbent)
MICHIGAN -- John James (challenging a Career D- incumbent)


OVERALL WHAT WE ARE ASSESSING IS how well a candidate backs immigration policies that are in the national interest, particularly in terms of protecting American workers from unnecessary and unfair competition from both legal and illegal foreign workers.

ROY BECK is Founder & President of NumbersUSA Action

Updated: Fri, Oct 16th 2020 @ 8:15am EDT