According to another announcement by Federal prosecutors at the Justice Department, the Igloo Products Corporation - known for making ice chests and coolers, admitted to importing foreign visa workers to take U.S. manufacturing jobs away from highly qualified American workers.

The prosecutors announced a settlement with the Igloo Corporation after an investigation determined that the corporation discriminated against American workers from at least July 1, 2019, to September 10, 2019 - the corporation hired H-2B alien visa holders for jobs while actively passing over qualified locals in Katy, Texas.

Kristen Clarke, of the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division, said in a statement:

Employers cannot favor workers on temporary visas and ignore applications from qualified U.S. workers because of assumptions based on citizenship or immigration status.

According to Breitbart News, “As part of its settlement, Igloo must pay $21,000 in civil penalties to the federal government and pay $40,000 in back pay to Americans who were passed over for the manufacturing jobs. Igloo will also have to change its hiring policies to ensure it seeks out Americans for jobs while being monitored for three years by the DOJ.”

Yearly, American businesses are permitted to import 66,000 H-2B visa workers to take, both the Trump and Biden administrations routinely imported additional H-2B workers for companies to hire. Moreover, this visa category is often used to drag the wages of American laborers - predominantly in the field of landscaping, conservation, meatpacking, construction, and fishing jobs.

The Breitbart article concludes: “When comparing the wages of H-2B foreign workers to the national wage average for each blue-collar industry, about 21 out of 25 of the industries offered lower wages to foreign workers than Americans.”

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Updated: Thu, Nov 18th 2021 @ 11:55am EST