U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is set to run out of federal funding as the southern border continues to be overwhelmed by record numbers of illegal aliens.

According to Axios, three sources familiar with the situation said that if DHS does not step in to fund ICE, the immigration enforcement agency could run out of money before October this year. As a result, DHS will be forced to reallocate money from other sub-agencies to replenish ICE’s funds.

Jon Feere, former ICE Chief of Staff and current Director of Investigations at The Center for Immigration Studies, explained:

Instead of seeking enforcement resources, the Biden administration is putting more money into so-called Alternatives to Detention, but more specifically into what they call ‘case management’ and ‘wraparound services,’ which means endless taxpayer handouts for illegal aliens.

The plan is to give millions of taxpayer dollars to activist groups who will provide social services to illegal aliens, ranging from helping them obtain attorneys, find employment, to providing mental health care.

Under Sec. Mayorkas ICE limited immigration enforcement in Feb. 2021 to what they consider the “greatest threat to national security, public safety, and border security.” The limitations were lifted in June by a federal judge.

The Daily Caller reports, “An expected $100 million is expected to be pulled from the U.S. Coast Guard’s budget, while another $80 million will be allocated from existing ICE funding, according to Axios.

Jon Feere concludes:

There’s no money for this, so the Biden administration is transferring taxpayer dollars from other parts of DHS like the U.S. Coast Guard and FEMA. Biden’s political appointees are transforming ICE from a law enforcement agency into a social services agency without Congress’s permission.

ICE does need a significant increase in enforcement resources commensurate with Biden’s influx of illegal immigration, and Congress must fund thousands more officers and detention beds, for starters. The immigration courts will inevitably determine that many of these asylum claims are phony, and ICE simply doesn’t have the resources to carry out the forthcoming court ordered removals.

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