Earlier this week, Border Patrol officers in the Del Rio Sector of the border apprehended more than 250 aliens crossing the Rio Grande in a single group. Breitbart News reports that according to Customs and Border Protection sources, the group was made up predominantly of Venezuelans and Cubans.

The CBP source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that the nearly 300 aliens are currently held under the port of entry, much like the encamped 15,000 Haitians during September. However, the aliens will eventually be relocated to nearby Border Patrol stations where they will most likely be given “Notices to Report” and be released into the U.S. interior, following the Biden Administration’s apparent new precedent.

The same underbridge camp, which was filled with approximately 15,000 Haitian aliens who made the economically motivated trek from South America in September, is now filling back up with hundreds of migrants. All as President Biden, Border Czar Harris, DHS Secretary Mayorkas, and Jen Psaki continue to willfully misinform the American public and divert public attention and resources away from what can only be described as a complete meltdown of the southern border.

The CBP source adds that overcrowding at Border Patrol stations in the region is one of the most considerable obstacles preventing CBP from transporting the hundreds of aliens now camped under the international bridge, again. Meanwhile, the Biden Administration continues to promise benefits, jobs, parole, amnesty, and more to anyone who can make it into the country illegally.

Breitbart News adds:

Although some single adult migrants were among the group, family units with small children will likely be released into the communities surrounding Del Rio the source says. In what is becoming a revolving door process, on Sunday several busses from local Border Patrol stations released hundreds of migrants to a non-government shelter in Eagle Pass.

The Del Rio border sector is second only to the Rio Grande border sector in the number of alien apprehensions; and everyone from those in the White House, to members of the Border Patrol, to the illegal aliens themselves, know that mass crossings of large migrant groups compound the logistical problems faced by the Department of Homeland Security on the border.

Also, over this past weekend, in Arizona, an illegal alien armed with a pistol, hatchet, machete, and other weapons, attacked and assaulted a Border Patrol officer. Thankfully, the officer survived the attack and was able to subdue the illegal alien.

The attack occurred in Arizona’s El Centro border sector. During October 2022 (the highest October for alien encounters in over two decades), the El Centro sector apprehended approximately 5,000 illegal aliens who crossed from Mexico. The relatively low sector number is thanks to the extensive wall system put in place in that part of Arizona. Because of these barriers, El Centro is the second-lowest (of nine sectors) regarding illegal alien apprehensions.

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Updated: Wed, Dec 15th 2021 @ 4:55pm EST