The House Oversight Committee is launching an investigation into the Biden Administration's disastrous handling of the crisis unfolding at the southern border. According to Axios, the House Oversight Comm. is one of three committees expected to investigate Biden's border crisis.

Chair of the Oversight Committee James Comer (R-Ky.) has already announced the invitation of Border Patrol sector chiefs to testify during the week of Feb. 6. These six include chief Border Patrol agents Jason Owens, Gregory Bovino, Gloria Chavez and Patricia McGurk-Daniel, who oversee busy border sectors in Texas, Arizona, and California.

Additionally, Rep. Comer sent a letter to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas requesting a broad set of documents and internal DHS communications. According to the letter, Comer's reasoning was "to understand DHS's policies, the costs of the emergency measures needed to respond to the worsening crisis, and the national security risks created by these policies."

Rep. Comer's letter to Sec. Mayorkas included requests for data related to alien releases, the ending of Remain in Mexico, NGOs' role in releasing aliens, Border Patrol morale, and much more. Comer also accurately criticized the administration for its "unlawful abuse of the parole process."

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