Voters need to make their voices heard if they want to repeal sanctuary city policies, former Acting U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director and Fox News contributor Tom Homan said Wednesday. Tim Robbins, ICE's top deportation official, told Congress on Tuesday that as many as 100 criminal illegal aliens are being released into the Los Angeles, Calif., area every day.

Appearing on "Fox & Friends" with host Brian Kilmeade, Homan said that while the statistics are sobering, the California Sheriff's Association has come out against 2018 California Senate Bill 54 (SB54), which prevents state and local law enforcement agencies from using their resources on behalf of federal immigration enforcement agencies.

ICE was getting 75 to 100 deportable aliens per day from area jails in 2018, but that number has dwindled to fewer than five, Homan stated. "This sheriff in L.A. County: he's on the outside looking in. So, he's even walked away from his own organization on this," Homan said.

While some argue that sanctuary policies are "protecting" the immigrant community, Homan said that criminal illegal aliens are a threat to those communities. "This sheriff is taking a political stance. He forgot the oath he's taken. He stopped being a cop, [he] became a politician, because he's not protecting these communities as much as he could," Homan explained.

Homan noted that while the Department of Justice is still fighting sanctuary state laws, "all law enforcement across this country knows that this president...has their back." "We've got the right guy. These people running for the Democratic nomination, every one of them, they want sanctuary cities, they want open borders, they want to abolish ICE..." he concluded.

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Updated: Wed, Nov 6th 2019 @ 12:35pm EST