Former Arkansas governor and 2016 Republican presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee, addressed his stance on immigration in an interview with Breitbart News Sunday. While Gov. Huckabee spoke out against tech companies abusing the H-1B guest worker program in order to replace American workers, he indicated that the immigration debate is too focused on how many people are coming into the country and we need to "get as many people here that want to come."

“I’m not against immigration. Our country has been made strong by the people who came here. But we focus too much on how many people are coming—I think the focus needs to be on why people are coming,” Gov. Huckabee said when asked about the connections between immigration policy and wages for American workers.

Do they come here because they believe in what America stands for and opportunities? Do they want to be part of this great country and accept the responsibility for helping to make it great? Then goodness, let’s get as many people here as want to come.

Gov. Huckabee called out companies like Disney and Southern California Edison that have been accused of not only abusing the H-1B program to bring in cheaper guest workers to replace American workers, but force the American workers to train their replacements.

"We had numerous testimonials of people who in the high-tech sector were actually having and forced to train their replacements who were imported workers who were coming in and making less than half of what they were being paid," Gov. Huckabee stated. "Now, in a world of supply and demand that’s one thing. But when companies are undercutting an American worker just so they can increase their profits without regard to the people who made them profitable in the first place, that’s not a money issue. That’s a moral issue."

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