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GOP calls for Amnesty

author Published by Chris Chmielenski

The Republican National Committee endorsed amnesty on Monday through its report entitled “Growth & Opportunity” that analyzes the 2012 election results. In the report, the Party concluded that it needs to do a better job reaching out to minorities and young people, and comprehensive immigration reform that includes an amnesty for 11 million illegal aliens is one way to do just that.”We must embrace and champion comprehensive immigration reform. If we do not, our party’s appeal will continue to shrink.” Immigration wasn’t the sole focus of the report, but it’s a clear shift from the party platform that was adopted at last year’s Republican National Convention in Tampa.”When Republicans lost in November, it was a wakeup call,” RNC Chairman Reince Preibus said.Senators Chuck Grassley and Jeff Sessions criticized the recommendation after its public release. Both serve on the Senate Judiciary Committee, which will be tasked with marking up the Gang of Eight’s amnesty bill once it’s released.”I think you’ve got to think in terms beyond immigration. I think that that only opens the door. I don’t think it wins Hispanics or minorities over,” Sen. Grassley said.”If comprehensive means we wait on eight self-appointed senators to meet in secret and come out and lay down a plan, and if you don’t vote for it, you’re against immigration reform, then I think that is improper,” Sen. Sessions said.For more information, see the Washington Post.

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