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FY21 Ends with 1,734,686 Border Encounters – Highest Total Ever Recorded

author Published by Chris Pierce

According to Customs and Border Protection, for the first time in a couple of months, alien encounters at the southern border fell below 200,000. CBP released September’s encounter numbers just before 5 pm last Friday. September 2021, the final month of the fiscal year, saw 192,001 encounters along the southern land border.

196,514 encounters were made by the Border Patrol, while another 13,326 were made by the Office of Field Operations, bringing the September total encounters to 192,001. The 192K total represents an 8.5% decrease from the August numbers, totaling 209,840 alien encounters. Undoubtedly, the administration will attempt to use these “falling” numbers to portray the genuine, ongoing, and out-of-hand border crisis as “under control” – it is anything but.

September’s encounters marked the end of a record-breaking year at the border. The fiscal Year 2021 (October 2020 – September 2021) shattered records with 1,734,686 total encounters. It is the largest total ever recorded in one year.

Within September, Customs and Border Protection stated that 26% of encounters included aliens who had been encountered before. Years prior, the average re-encounter rate rested around 14%, meaning migrants who illegally intend to cross the southern border aren’t taking President Biden’s, VP Harris’s, or Secretary Mayorkas’s ‘stern warnings’ seriously. CBP adds that in September, there were 142,710 individual encounters, meaning 49,291 encounters were considered re-encounters.

Additionally, the Biden administration has made many statements about their maintaining of the CDC’s Title 42, which they reportedly use to expel single adult migrants back across the border if they are detected. Single adult encounters made up the {text} of FY21’s illegal alien encounters: 1,105,925 of the total 1,734,686. The administration states that 75% of those single adults were expelled via Title 42 (75% of the 915,998 single adults encountered since Biden took office). Such a large quantity of single adults also lends more credence to the idea that most of these migrants are making the trip for economic reasons, not humanitarian.

The Biden administration has also selectively used Title 42 to expel some family units. Family unites made up the second-largest portion of the record-breaking FY21 total, with 479,728 encounters. CBP stated that just 27% of the 466,273 family unit encounters were expelled under the health directive.

Acting CBP Commissioner Troy Miller said in a statement:

CBP encounters along the Southwest border declined in September from the prior month, and a majority of noncitizens encountered were expelled under Title 42. The men and women of CBP continued to rise admirably to the challenge, despite the strain associated with operating during a global pandemic that has claimed far too many lives among our frontline personnel.

These totals do not consider the soaring number of ‘got-aways’ or illegal aliens who crossed the southern border and effectively evaded detection by the Border Patrol. According to an exclusive with Breitbart Texas published Aug. 28th, the number of got-aways reached approximately 300,000 in July, with an additional 40,000 got-aways in August. Given the estimations and September’s encounter totals, it is not beyond doubt that FY21’s total got-aways reached nearly 400,000. In FY20, an estimated 69,000 aliens avoided detection after illegally crossing the southern border.

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